Abstracts 2000

Abstract of Publication No. 355

Markus Wermuth and Hans U. Güdel
NIR to VIS up-conversion in Os4+-doped halide
J. Lumin. 87-89, 1014-1016 (2000)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: Os4+ is one of the rare examples of transition-metal ions showing photon up-conversion. The Os4+-doped cubic halide crystals Cs2GeF6, Cs2ZrCl6, and Cs2ZrBr6 exhibit fundamentally different up-conversion behavior. Whereas no up-conversion is observed in the fluoride, both the chloride and the bromide show visible (VIS) luminescence upon excitation in the near-infrared (NIR) below 80 K. The mechanism in Cs2ZrCl6 : Os4+ upon excitation below 12000 cm–1 is an energy-transfer up-conversion (ETU). In Cs2ZrBr6 : Os4+ two excited-state absorption (ESA) mechanisms lead to efficient up-conversion. One of the excitations exhibits the typical fingerprint of an avalanche.

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