Abstracts 2000

Abstract of Publication No. 358

N. Cavadini, G. Heigold, W. Henggeler, A. Furrer, H.-U. Güdel, K. Krämer and H. Mutka
Quantum magnetic interactions in S=1/2 KCuCl3
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 12, 5463-5472 (2000)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: KCuCl3 is an S = 1/2 magnetic insulator with a singlet ground state and a finite spin excitation gap. Above the gap, dispersive triplet excitation modes propagate in the whole reciprocal space. From single-crystal inelastic neutron investigations the three-dimensional coupling scheme is rationalized in the framework of a dimer Heisenberg model, and related to the structural features of KCuCl3. The experimental and theoretical characterization presented completes earlier works on the compound under investigation, providing also higher-order expressions for the singlet-triplet dispersion relation. The latter may also be of relevance for the parent quantum systems TlCuCl3 and NH4CuCl3, albeit at different coupling ratios with respect to KCuCl3.

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