Abstracts 2001

Abstract of Publication No. 380

N. Cavadini, G. Heigold, W. Henggeler, A. Furrer, H.-U. Güdel, K. Krämer and H. Mutka
Magnetic excitations in the quantum spin system TlCuCl3
Phys. Rev. B 63, 172414/1-4 (2001)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: The S = 1/2 quantum system TlCuCl3 has a nonmagnetic singlet ground state and a finite-energy gap to triplet excited states. At Hc~6 T it undergoes field-induced three-dimensional magnetic ordering. Its dynamical spin properties in zero field were studied by inelastic neutron scattering on single crystals. The elementary spectrum consists of well-defined triplet waves of dimer origin. From the observed energy dispersion, the underlying spin-exchange coupling scheme is rationalized. Appreciable three-dimensional correlations are reported, in accordance with the high-field phase. An antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model in the strong-coupling approximation satisfactorily accounts for the energy and intensity dependence of the triplet excitations in the whole reciprocal space. TlCuCl3 is characterized as a strongly coupled spin system in the vicinity of a quantum critical point. A comparison with the parent compound KCuCl3 is proposed.

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