Abstracts 2003

Abstract of Publication No. 449

Pascal Gerner, Karl Krämer and Hans U. Güdel
Broad-band Cr5+-sensitized Er3+ luminescence in YVO4
J. Lumin. 102-103, 112-118 (2003)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: In nominally 2% Cr5+ and 10% Er3+ co-doped YVO4, a highly efficient nonradiative energy transfer Cr5+ 2B2Er3+ 4I13/2 is active, which is competitive with the multiphonon relaxation of Cr5+. A new type of near-infrared-to-visible upconversion process is identified. It consists of a Cr5+ 2A12E excitation, nonradiative 2E to 2B2 relaxation, energy transfer to Er3+ 4I13/2 and finally excited state absorption processes on Er3+ 4I13/24S3/2, 4F7/2, 2H11/2. In addition, Er3+ 4I11/2Cr5+ 2B2 energy transfer occurs. The pathway through Cr5+ 2B2 leads to an enhanced nonradiative relaxation rate from the Er3+ 4I11/2 to the laser relevant 4I13/2 energy level. The rate constants of the energy transfer processes are estimated.

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