Abstracts 2003

Abstract of Publication No. 455

E. V. D. van Loef, P. Dorenbos, C. W. E. van Eijk, K. W. Krämer and H. U. Güdel
Properties and mechanism of scintillation in LuCl3:Ce3+ and LuBr3:Ce3+ crystals
Nucl. Instr. and Methods Phys. Res. A 496, 138-145 (2003)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: The optical and scintillation properties of pure LuCl3, LuCl3:0.45%, 2%, 4%, 10% Ce3+, LuBr3:0.021%, 0.46%, 0.76%, 2.5%, and 8% Ce3+ are studied under X-ray and g-ray excitation. The highest light yield of 29,000±3000 photons per MeV (ph/MeV) of absorbed g-ray energy was measured for LuBr3:0.021% Ce3+. Energy resolutions obtained with a Hamamatsu R1791 photomultiplier tube (PMT) range from 6.0±0.5% to 18±2% for LuBr3:8% Ce3+ and LuCl3:0.45% Ce3+, respectively. For both LuCl3:Ce3+ and LuBr3:Ce3+, binary electron–hole diffusion was proposed as the dominant scintillation mechanism. At lower irradiation temperatures, VK diffusion is probably more important in the case of LuBr3:Ce3+.

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