Abstracts 2005

Abstract of Publication No. 521

Karl Wilhelm Krämer, Hans-Ulrich Güdel, Aurélie Bessière, Pieter Dorenbos and Carel Wilhelm Eduard van Eijk
High light yield thermal neutron scintillators
European Patent Office,
European patent number EP 1 553 430 A1, 13.07.2005      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: The invention pertains to a scintillating material of the generic formula CsALiLn(1-x)X6: xCe3+, where X is either Br or I, A is Cs or Rb, Ln is Y or Gd or Lu and x is above 0.0005, generally under the form of monocristal. This material has a remarkably low decay time. It can be used to detect and/or discriminate neutron and/or gamma ray radiations.

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