Abstracts 2006

Abstract of Publication No. 552

A. Sieber, D. Foguet-Albiol, O. Waldmann, S. T. Ochsenbein, G. Carver, H. Mutka, F. Fernandez-Alonso, M. Mezouar, H. P. Weber, G. Christou and H. U. Güdel
Pressure dependence of the exchange interaction in the dimeric single-molecule magnet [Mn4O3Cl4(O2CEt)3(py)3]2 from inelastic neutron scattering
Phys. Rev. B 74, 024405/1-4 (2006)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: The low-lying magnetic excitations in the dimers of single-molecule magnets [Mn4O3Cl4(O2CEt)3(py)3]2, or (Mn4)2, are studied by inelastic neutron scattering as a function of hydrostatic pressure. The anisotropy parameters D and B, which describe each Mn4 subunit, are essentially pressure independent, while the antiferromagnetic exchange coupling J between the two Mn4 subunits strongly depends on pressure, with an increase of 42% at 17  kbar. Additional pressure-dependent powder x-ray measurements allow a structural interpretation of the findings.

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