Abstracts 2007

Abstract of Publication No. 572

J. Grimm, O. S. Wenger, K. W. Krämer and H. U. Güdel
4f4f and 4f5d excited states and luminescence properties of Tm2+- doped CaF2, CaCl2, SrCl2 and BaCl2
J. Lumin. 126, 590-596 (2007)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: An overview of the optical spectroscopic properties of Tm2+-doped CaF2, CaCl2, SrCl2 and BaCl2 single crystals reveals both similarities and differences along the series. The absorption and emission spectra are composed of two types of electronic transitions: weak and sharp-line 4f4f transitions below 9500 cm1 and strong broad 4f5d transitions at higher energies. The spectroscopic transitions are identified and characterised, including previously unobserved 5d4f emissions in CaF2:Tm2+ and SrCl2:Tm2+. In addition to the chemical variation within the series, changes in the site symmetry as well as the coordination geometry occur. The influence of these variations on the spectroscopic transitions of Tm2+ can be followed.

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