Abstracts 2007

Abstract of Publication No. 582

M. Imlau, V. Dieckmann, T. Weisemoeller, D. Schaniel, T. Woike, K. W. Krämer and H.-U. Güdel
Tuning Ability of Photosensitive ML5NO-Molecules
in "Controlling Light with Light: Photorefractive Effects, Photosensitivity, Fiber Gratings, Photonic Materials and More",
OSA Technical Digest (CD), Optical Society of America, Paper SuC5 (2007)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: We show that photosensitivity is a general property of linkage isomers in nitrosyl-containing [ML5NO]-molecules (M:metal, L: ligand, m: formal charge). The benefit of this generality is reflected in the tailoring properties of the photosensitive response.

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