Abstracts 1997

Abstract of Publication No. 300

Markus Wermuth and Hans U. Güdel
Upconversion luminescence in a 5d transition-metal ion system: Cs2ZrCl6:Os4+
Chem. Phys. Lett. 281, 81-85 (1997)      Full Text (PDF)      DOI-Link     

Abstract: The first upconversion luminescence in a 5d electron system is reported. At temperatures below 100 K excitation of Cs2ZrCl6: Os4+ in the NIR at 11226 cm1 leads to VIS and NIR luminescences between 17000 and 11500 cm1. The intraconfigurational character within (t2g)4 of the d-d transitions involved is thought to be mainly responsible for this unusual phenomenon in a 5d transition metal complex.

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