Chemistry Labs N316 and N318
  • Equipment for synthesis

Crystal-growth Area U211

  • 2x N2 dry boxes (MBraun)
  • 1x Ar dry box (MBraun)
  • 6x Bridgman furnaces
  • tantalum welding equipment

VIS/IR CW Laser Lab N326

  • Nd:YVO4-laser (Spectra Physics Millennia Xs)
  • Ar-laser (Spectra Physics 2045-15)
  • Ar-Laser (Ion Laser Technology, 5490ASL)
  • Kr-laser (Coherent Innova 301-K)
  • Ti:sapphire laser (Spectra Physics)
  • cw dye-laser (Spectra Physics 375)
  • 0.85 m double monochromator (Spex 1402)

Laser Test Lab N325

  • tunable cw diode laser (SDL 8630) 797-820 nm
  • Ar-laser (Spectra Physics 2045-15)
  • Ti:sapphire laser (Spectra Physics)
  • single monochromator (Spex 270M)
  • CCD detector, 2000x800, back illuminated (Jobin Yvon - Spex, Spectrum-One)
  • test setup for laser crystals (LN cooling)

NIR/VIS/UV Pulsed Laser Lab S455

  • Nd:YAG (Quanta Ray DCR-3; SHG, THG)
  • dye-laser (Lambda Physik 3002)
  • Raman-shifter (Quanta Ray RS-1)
  • 3/4 m single monochromator (Spex 1702)
  • setup for transient transmission measurements


  • 1x InAs Hamamatsu P7163
  • 2x PM RCA 31034 (cooled -30 C)
  • 2x PM Hamamatsu R3310 (cooled -30 C)
  • 2x Ge ADC 403L (LN cooled)
  • 1x Ge ADC 403HS (LN cooled)
  • div. PbS

Absorption, Excitation and Luminescence N323 and N324

  • Cary 6000i (Varian)
  • Cary 5e (Varian)
  • home-built absorption spectometer: 100 W tungsten lamp; 0.85 m double monochromator (Spex 1401)
  • FluoroMax spectrophotometer (Spex)
  • FluoroLog spectrophotometer (Spex)


  • 3x closed cycle cryostat (Air Products, APD, ARS)
  • bath cryostat (Oxford Instruments Optistat)
  • bath cryostat with superconducting magnet (4 Tesla, Oxford Instruments SM4)
  • He or N2 gas flow tubes



How we usually don't work

Dry box

Bridgman furnace

Ti:sapphire laser


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